Early in August, the Summer Festival,
the biggest event in Date, the city with a history of SAMURAI pioneers.
Thank you for coming to the festival in 2023.

In the city of Date, with a history pioneered by samurai, the Date Musha Festival—'musha' meaning a Japanese warrior—has been celebrated as the grandest summer event since 1973, attracting a multitude of attendees.
The main events of the festival include a procession of Kiba-musha(Cavalary), the Musha dashi—a parade with warrior-painted floats, and thefestival plaza.
The Musha Dashi is a parade incorporating warrior-painted floats, Japanese drums, and an energetic dance performed by the citizens.
The festival plaza is going to be opened up with food stalls in the front plaza of Date Rekishino-mori Calture Center (also written as 'だて歴史の杜カルチャーセンター').
We eagerly look forward to your enjoyment of this festival.